Sunglasses serve a lot of purposes. The most obvious is protecting your eyes from the sun (or celebrities from paparazzi, but who are they trying to fool? We can still see you). But, more importantly, they look great. (Well, the right kind of sunglasses on the right kind of face look great.) The Olsen twins can pull off the insanely over-sized sunglasses, but they are a rare species. Most women cannot pull off this look. But don’t you fret! There are many more styles of sunglasses that will suit your face.

Affordable Shade Options

I wish I could tell you all which glasses go best with which face shapes, but you’ll just have to go through trial and error. Try on all different shapes at the store until you find the right one. I suggest Target. They have some great, inexpensive sunglasses (because we can’t all afford Ray-Bans). I have some Target $16 sunglasses that people mistake for Ray-Bans constantly. I always feel better with my favorite pair of shades on. Find yours.

Posted by: Bre

February 13, 2013 — Bre

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