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Who started this whole, “No white after Labor Day” junk? Whoever did needs to stop. Because you can, and you definitely should wear white after Labor Day. If anyone asks, you can tell them I said it was okay ;) But seriously. White is amazing. I love wearing white. Even more, I love to wear different whites together. Some of my favorite outfits are mixing whites, off whites, creams, etc. So do it. Pair some white pants with a white top. Pair a white blazer (white blazers are to die for) with white shorts. I know you may think it’s odd, but it’s not.

Try some gold jewelry with it. And if you’re not into the whole “white on white” thing then pair a white blazer with jeans or black pants. But whatever you do, wear white. It is such a pure, beautiful color to wear. Promise you’ll love it!

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