Hi! Have you ever taken a nap on the beach? Fallen asleep on a nylon braided chair and woken up sweating? But it was OK because you had an ocean fifteen feet away. That is what this weekend should be dedicated to. Good playlists, ice cold colas (or citrus drinks), sandy feet, eating carne asada tacos, and dipping deep into the ocean. Oh, and don’t forget that nap, because this weekend is all about the beach, and the beach is really all about celebrating summer.

The best part about summer/the weekend is that it is always just beyond our reach, It’s elusive. It takes too long to roll around, and it leaves in a flash. But here we are, officially the very first day of summer, and it lands on a Friday. Gold. So, do something to celebrate. Do something that you’ll remember three months from now when you’re lugging around spiral bound notebooks. But, take a minute to realize just how good it feels that two of the best things on planet earth, summer + the weekend, came together on the same day. What a golden day it is.

Posted by: Coby


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