There’s literally nothing better than a cool, perfectly worn in vintage tee. But not all of our parents saved theirs, and buying a perfect vintage tee can be pricey! We took this into our own hands and after some research, we found the easiest way to do this.

Bucket of water (enough to cover tee) + half cup of Salt  x Three Days = Perfect Vintage Tee

(okay to wash in the machine after this.)vintage DIY-01

The tee we chose:

tee 1

Here’s a close up after the process. You can see how the fabric looks soft, worn out, and there are those perfect little balls of fabric that complete the look.

tee 2

Your parents will laugh and might tell you to stop dressing like they did when they were teens ;)

tee 3


Happy DIY-ing! Xoxo

August 26, 2014 — Chloe Bruderer

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