If you’re not a John Mayer fan, what don’t you like about some of the most likable music in the last decade? It seems like there is something in his catalogue for everyone, but as I’m learning — you can’t please everyone. But, if you have ever liked John Mayer’s music, or even just spent a summer night in the backyard while his music played, you might be excited to hear about his new single – Shadow Days. It’s a good tune set to a good beat and will likely make a lot of lake/pool/beach playlists this year, so you might want the heads up on it now.

Do you remember 2004? If you do, you must remember the Garden State soundtrack. Really the first soundtrack I ever thought I had to purchase. And if you remember that, then you probably also know The Shins. They stole the show on that soundtrack, and have released music since — you’ve probably heard Phantom Limb or Australia. But today, Port of Morrow is released. It’s their fourth album and is sure to put you in a good mood. I’ve always loved The Shins for their simple and lovable sound. If you agree in any way, you may want to look up their new album. I really like Simple Song so far.


Posted by: Coby

March 20, 2012 — Matt

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