What does it mean to you to be American? I feel like that idea is always evolving. I remember fourth of July celebrations when I was a little kid, and how patriotic it felt to see my neighbor shoot off his civil war era cannon that he made in the garage just over the fence from where I would play basketball.

I think I had an idea of what it meant to be American then, but if you were to ask me what it meant today, I would tell you it meant driving in a car for 11 hours, winding through scenic mountains, bleak and barren desert landscapes, and ending up in a place that rarely ever gets hotter or colder than 70 degrees, sitting next to an ocean that laps up against the land and watching the sun melt into it. It’s freedom in every sense of the word, stemming from the most basic human rights. To me, it’s life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

This really is one of the greatest places on earth. And tomorrow, I’ll be celebrating that fact with my loved ones, and hopefully some popsicles too. So wherever you are, take a moment to remember at what great cost we have such a wonderful place to live. Happy Independence Day!

Posted by: Coby


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