If you’re anywhere that there is snow and ice, then you know just how long winter can be without access to the beach.  Or and indoor pool.  When you walk to school and you can’t text anyone back because your hands will get too cold, you know you’re in need of a beach intervention.  But, like most students, you’ve got to find a way to at least get there in your mind before spring break rolls around.  Am I really already talking about spring break?  But, I think I’ve got something that will help you out. It’s a classic surf song by Les Mustangs.  The song is called drums, and if you put it on and close your eyes, I swear you will be infinite…wait, this isn’t that movie.  I swear you will be close enough, and those bitter cold January days will melt away in the theatre of your mind.  Try it anyway.

Posted by: Coby

January 15, 2013 — Matt

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