1. Haunted houses
It’s officially that time of year again, and there are more haunted houses to choose from than ever. Personally, if I had the chance, I would love to visit the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland. I’ve never been during Halloween, but I’ve heard it’s pretty cool.

2. Fall drives up the canyon
If you live anywhere where this is possible, it might be the best thing you do all weekend. The leaves are all changing, and if you drive far enough you might even see a little snow. So pack up the car, throw in a picnic basket and head up the canyon to enjoy some of the best scenes of the year.

3. Captain Phillips

I remember thinking “pirates still exist?” when Captain Phillips’ ship was taken over by Somali pirates in 2009. And then I was scared for all the people on board, because everything I have ever known about pirates has been bad. If the reviews are true Tom Hanks really puts in the performance of his lifetime, and I am excited to see it.

Posted by Coby

October 11, 2013 — Tiffany

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