My car seems to trap heat better than anything else I know. Which, to me, is ok. But as we all know, summer can get pretty hot. And sometimes when your AC isn’t kicking in fast enough, you need some music playing to help you withstand the sweltering heat. So, I thought of the heat test. The heat test is a way to tell if your favorite songs are summer approved – because sometimes that perfect mix that you thought would be your companion all summer just isn’t that good when you’re sweating it out.

Simply play the songs you’d like to test as soon as you start your car. This is the hottest it will get. Listen up, does it sound good? Does it help the static hot air out the windows? If so, your song is summer approved. Here are a few examples of songs that have passed my heat test:

Vanished – Crystal Castles
Bling (Confessions of a King) – The Killers
What You Know – Two Door Cinema Club
Ambling Alp – Yeasayer
Big Difference – Tokyo Police Club (From one of my favorite summer albums ever)

What are some of yours?

Posted by: Coby

June 05, 2012 — Tiffany

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