Hi. Tomorrow I’m going to Lake Powell, UT/AZ. Tucked safely in my bag will be a towel and a swimsuit, and not a lot else. All that’s left to pack is a mix for the road. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

There is an art to mix making, also to road tripping. I’m planning on refining my commitment to these arts, but none more so than to the art of wake surfing. I remember the first time I wake surfed, I felt like there was nothing else in the world. I forgot about waterskiing, wake boarding and anything else you do behind a boat. Surfing was it for me. So, above all, this weekend will be filled with the pursuit of fine art (mix making, road tripping, and wake surfing). I’ll be sure to take it all in, hope yours is just as good.

Go do something you’ll remember on Monday, and for the next few weeks. If nothing else, watch this video and realize that the world is only as big as you want it to be (and maybe even cry too, if no one else is around. It’s that good!).

Posted by: Coby


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