It’s always sad when bathing suit season comes to an end, but there are so many things to love about Fall that we can’t really complain! When we think of Fall, we think of changing leaves, haunted houses, dropping temperatures, and sweet treats. Our candle scents should reflect all the things we love about the most beautiful season of the year! Whether your favorite part of Fall is the pumpkin spice lattes, the cozy sweaters, or the chill in the air, here are five scents to be on the lookout for while you do your annual candle shopping!

1. Apple: One of our favorite Fall traditions is apple-picking! You can’t beat the taste of freshly made apple cider, and now you can enjoy that scent every single day. A lot of companies do a lot of fun things with apple scents, combining them with the scent of pie crusts, butter, and brown sugar to imitate the scent of apple pie or keeping it simple with apple and cinnamon to mimic that yummy apple cider we mentioned earlier. Keep an eye out for other fun apple aromas, too, like caramel and candy apples!
2. Pumpkin: Let’s face it: Fall wouldn’t be Fall without pumpkins. People use them to carve jack-o-lanterns, make pumpkin pies, and bake pumpkin bread, but you might be surprised at how many pumpkin scented candles you’d be able to find! Find candles mixed with apple for a fragrant Fall combination, or find one that imitates the smell of your glorious PSL (pumpkin spice latte).
3. S’mores: Do you love s’mores as much as we do? Honestly, you’d be impressed with how many we could eat in one sitting. You can find candles that replicate the savor of s’mores by finding fragrances with notes of chocolate, cinnamon, and vanilla. If you can get the scent of a bonfire mixed in there too, even better!
4. Maple: When you picture tree leaves turning red, there’s probably one specific kind of leaf that you’re picturing, and that’s the maple leaf. Maple leaves come from–you guessed it!--maple trees, which also provide us with syrup for those early morning pancakes and waffles. Many Fall candles incorporate a Maple scent into their fragrances because of the rich, sweet notes associated with Maple syrup. What can we say–we like our Fall treats!
5. Leather: One piece of clothing that we can’t get enough of during Fall? Boots. Black boots, brown boots, red boots, some made of suede, some made of leather. Pair them with a nice leather jacket, and you’ve got everything you need to throw a fabulous Fall ensemble together! Even if leather isn’t really your style, you can appreciate the scent of it by lighting up a leather-scented candle, which makes us feel warmer just by smelling it!

When it comes to finding the perfect Fall candles, all you really need are candles that remind you of your favorite Fall things. Whether you’re into flannel or leather, s’mores or pumpkin pie, PSLs or apple cider, we hope we’ve inspired you to search for your perfect Fall-scented candles.

February 09, 2022 — Lauren

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