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Meet Nicole Bruderer #TeamTuesday #teamLR

Today we introduce you to Nicole Bruderer, one of the three sisters who founded and own Lime Ricki. Nicole oversees marketing and advertising, and recently started posting on the blog. Some things things we know about her: she’s a three-time breast cancer survivor! Yay. She has a thing for office supplies–especially pens and notepads. You will never see her not doodling, or without a coke zero in her hand. But don’t worry what she drinks in diet soda is tripled by how much water she drinks, she’s notorious for having at least three water bottles on her desk at all times. (You should see her car!) She subscribes to more magazines than she has time to read. Nicole has 3 lovable and daring daughters, and an amazing and handsome husband. She loves to practice yoga, hit the cross-fit gym, read books and try to make a dent in her magazine stack.

She is a total fashionista, never being afraid to wear heels with a casual outfit. Her pattern of choice is gingham, preferably yellow, orange, or navy. Nicole is not afraid to rock a bold lip, or a bold hairstyle! If you asked any of our employees what her natural hair color is, they probably wouldn’t know! Her boldest hair color choice has been bright red, and she totally rocked it.

Meet Nicole Bruderer #TeamTuesday #teamLR

*A side note from her daughter- she splurges on handbags AND shoes ;)

(see question 11)


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