Time for another Team Tuesday, and today we are happy to introduce you to Jennifer Anderson. She happens to be the most rational, practical and responsible of the three sisters, and is therefore head of financial and business operations. Jennifer is a triathlete, bicyclist, hiker and an all-around athlete and outdoors woman. She is adventurous, strong, and terrified of spiders. Like really terrified of them. She is known around the office for the delicious food she bakes. Our favorite? Her maple scones. Mmmmmm.

We think Jennifer is especially brave. Two years ago she was diagnosed with stage 3 ovarian cancer. She endured a very extensive surgery and chemotherapy regiment, and battled her way through it all, working through much of it. She is remarkable. Her quick wit keeps up laughing, her hair routine makes us all envious (wash, towel dry, ta-da, she looks amazing!) and her ability to see the good in life is a reminder to us all. And as you can see, her smile lights up the room.

meet Jennifer//


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