So, it’s hot outside. And when I say hot, I mean ice-cream-eating, sun-bathing, and get-yourself-in-the-water kind of hot. It’s time to retire those yoga pants and switch them out for your fun loving swimsuit! With longer days, it’s like summer is finally making up for that winter season that forced us to stay indoors all day long. With all the activities to be done this season, it’s a good thing the days are longer or we wouldn’t be able to fit it all in. Here’s our summer 2017 bucket list!

Best summer 2017 bucket list ever! |

1. Poolside BBQ’s

It can’t get any better than good food, good friends and a float in a pool. Grab your loved ones and spend an evening chatting the night away and make sure to treat yourself. Just don’t forget an amazing dessert to put the cherry on top of an amazing night.

2. Beach Volleyball

There’s no need to be any sort of extreme athlete to take part in this summer sport. Hop in your suit and have some fun with a little friendly competition. When you’re done, you’re ready to jump in the ocean and relax the rest of your day away at the beach, and while you’re there you can get that glowing gorgeous tan – just remember to have some sunscreen on you so you don’t burn! 

3. Hot Tub Under the Stars

Summer days are nice but summer nights can be just as great, if not better! Get cozy under the stars in a hot tub and spend the rest of your evening relaxing under a moonlit sky. Throw in a midnight treat or drink and your night is complete.

4. Traveling

Summer is the ultimate travel time. School is out and it’s time for a new adventure. One of the best things about traveling, especially for those of us who aren’t fortunate to live right on the beach, is to travel to different places to go swimming. Don’t just limit the places to swim to the beach though. There are plenty of beautiful remote places to try: Blue Lagoon, Iceland; Kalami Beach, Greece; or Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia, just to name a few.

5. Water Parks 

An activity that’s maybe a little less exotic – but just as much fun as traveling – is heading to those water parks. Try out food vendors, water slides, wave pools and much more. A day planned at a water park is sure to one day jam packed with constant entertainment and a friendly upbeat environment. 

6. Water Balloon Fights

Now it’s time to flip back to something a little more old school. Some things just never seem to go out of style. Grab a group of friends or family and start loading up buckets of water balloons for an epic afternoon nobody will ever forget. Maybe even unload some of that pent up anger – a little force behind that water balloon never hurt anyone.

7. Sprinklers and Slip n’ Slides 

Taking it back a step further, we remember the pure joy of running through a good set of sprinklers. Whether stationed at a park or in your own front or backyard, this is a perfect way to get a quick cool down on a hot summer day. Include a slip’n slide as well to finish off a simple yet fun way to spend a summer afternoon.

 8. Movie Pool Party

Put a little spin on a typical day at a pool. Instead of hosting a pool party during the day, try doing it at night. Set up an outdoor or floating projector in your pool and let everyone have some floating seats to sit back and watch the movie. No night is ever complete without a full set of snacks, so make sure to have a floating device so you can send those around as well!

 9. Water Gun Fights

You can’t go wrong with a water gun fight. Whip out those Nerf Super Soakers from back in the day that you know you’ve been dying to use and go crazy blasting people. Well, maybe not too crazy – just within reason – but that is definitely up to your discretion.

10. Snorkeling

Last but not least – who hasn’t wanted to go snorkeling with dolphins and sea turtles? Nothing could make this experience better than making sure you have a cute suit to show off in your pictures that you take with all the amazing wildlife under the sea!

Regardless of how you choose to spend your summer it can’t be argued that spending a little time in the water will be a part of that to-do list. Make sure to let us know how you plan to #GetInTheWater this 2017, and don’t forget to check out our limited edition summer swim collection!

June 16, 2017 — Nicole

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