Admit it: even though you love spending the summers with your kids, you’re a little bit happy that they’re back in school and you get some time to yourself again. There are so many ways to spend this free time, from catching up on all the books you wanted to read to heading out to lunch with your girlfriends.

One way you should be spending your newfound time is by setting up habits to stay healthy that will last you through the school year. Making your habits part of the things you already do will help you create and keep them – I know it has helped me!

Staying Healthy with Kids in School

Prep your lunch
You pack a lunch for the kids every morning – so why not make one for yourself at the same time? Preparing your lunch in advance will make it easier to stick to healthy habits, and it can be as easy as a mason jar salad with some chicken to round it out. Keep your lunch in the fridge and when it comes time to eat, you won’t find yourself reaching for a candy bar or in the drive-thru at Wendy’s.

Plan dinners
Every weekend, plan out what this week’s dinners will be. It will save you a lot of stress, help the whole family eat healthier, and you can go grocery shopping for everything for the week at once. If the kids are picky eaters, there are tons of recipes that let you sneak in veggies that they are sure to love!

Take a class
Instead of heading out for that lunch with your girlfriends, get together and sign up for a class at the local gym or rec center. You’ll still be able to catch up with your girls, but you’ll break a sweat while doing it. Bonus points if the class starts right after you drop the kids off at school, so you can head straight there – the convenience will help you stay in the habit!

Try something new
Don’t be afraid to check out some new activities that you’ve been interested in. You’ve heard about barre classes or yoga, so drop in and try it! Go on that hike you’ve been eyeing, jog around a park you don’t normally frequent, or join a women’s soccer team. There’s no reason not to, and who knows, maybe you’ll love it and it will stick.

Carry a water bottle
First thing in the morning, fill up a bottle with water and a couple lemon slices, and make sure you keep it with you throughout the day and refill it when it runs out. I’ve found that just having water with me helps me drink a lot more, and if it’s yummy and infused with fruit or citrus, it’s even better!

What other things do you do to stay healthy, whether the kids are in school or not? I would love more ideas! If you need some accessories to make your workout more stylish, check out my favorites under $50.


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