The flag print trend has been going on for quite awhile now, and I love it. How unbelievably incredible is this hoodie? Words cannot describe. I tried to find it online with no luck. So I thought to myself, “Bre! YOU CAN MAKE THIS!!” So I did. And you can too!


What You’ll Need:
  • White Hoodie
  • Tulip Fabric Spray Paint – One red and one blue
  • Masking Tape
  • Freezer Paper  – this irons onto clothing and peels off easily

Let me say up front – This was incredibly time consuming, but totally worth it. I started with the stripes on the arms first. I layered two strips of masking tape for each stripe, and measured to make sure I spaced them correctly. It’s harder than it looks to tape all the way around a hoodie so I started with the front and then connected the tape around the back once I got there.
Then I moved onto the stars. I printed out the size of star I wanted, cut it out, and traced them onto the freezer paper (about 30 times). Then I cut them out and placed them where I wanted them. Then I ironed them on (shiny side down or it won’t work).
I took the hoodie to my garage and covered the blue part with grocery bags and taped them down. And then I sprayed. And let me tell you. It took a LOT of paint to cover this hoodie. A LOT. I waited for the red to dry but it took longer than I expected. I would suggest putting a fan near by to make it dry faster. Then I covered the red and did the blue.

I’m so happy with how it turned out! The bottle says to wait 72 hours before washing so I did, and it really helped. Because first of all, it smelled like paint. And also it wasn’t super soft to touch. Washing made both of those things go away. SO GET DIY-ING PEOPLE! Comment if you have any questions!


Posted by: Bre

June 27, 2012 — Bre

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