Autumn is approaching, and we may be a swimsuit company but we’re also excited for Fall fashion, especially scarves! To bring you the latest styles and trends, we’ve searched every magazine and blog to share the most unique ways you can rock a scarf.

Unique Ways to tie a Scarf #fall


Whether you plan on wearing your scarf on your head, around your waist or in a more traditional style when the temperatures start to drop, we have some tutorials to help you get started!

Check out this red scarf turban tie pin from Pinterest with step by step photos.

Learn to tie a head scarf different ways on The Wonder Forest Blog - this blog post includes easy and creative ways to tie a scarf for three unique looks.

How do you plan to wear a scarf this season? Drop us a note in the comments!

August 14, 2014 — Chloe Bruderer

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