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If you’re anything like me, you’re so obsessed with your Saltwater Sandals that you never want to take them off. You wear them with everything and take them everywhere, whether you’re going to the beach or the movies.

I love my Saltwaters, but sometimes I forget to get creative with my outfits and really pair them with things that will make them pop. So I decided to turn to Pinterest and some of my favorite blogs to find some style inspiration and share it with you so that you don’t fall into the same trap!

Navy saltwater inspiration_rgb
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I love wearing my navy sandals with a monochromatic black and white look, but I never think of them when I’m wearing all black or even with brighter colors. They’re the perfect staple sandal when you want to make a statement.

Red saltwater inspiration_rgb
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Red saltwaters are perfect for adding a little pop of color to any outfit! I tend to always wear mine with the same things, but when I really think about it, my red ones would go with almost anything in my closet. Don’t be afraid to match them with something you wouldn’t normally!

Tan saltwater inspiration_rgb
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I’ll admit, my tan saltwaters are probably my favorite because they really do go with everything. I always take them on trips – they’re just so comfortable, no matter how much walking I do! You can’t go wrong with a pair of brown sandals.

Which color of saltwater sandals is your favorite? And if you don’t have a pair yet, don’t worry – we have all three of these colors in our stores and online! Shop them here!


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