At Lime Ricki, we have been embracing the retro trend for both men and women. It’s kind of funny, when bathing suits become “retro,” more fabric is added to women’s suits while fabric is taken away from men’s suits. Now, you may be thinking, “Those men’s suits are so short!” But that’s the style of the 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s. Long, baggy swim trunks are a fairly recent trend.

Remember when players in the NBA wore short shorts and high socks? It was amazing right? (I secretly wish they’d wear those outfits again). Remember Frankie Avalon? (Pictured above with Annette Funicello). He was an actor in the 60’s and starred in a bunch of beach party movies. See his swim trunks? They’re coming back!

There’s nothing wrong with showing a little more leg, guys. Plus, you’ll get to tan those pasty white thighs of yours! Here’s the breakdown of our men’s suits …

Our original square-cut trunk returns with and updated fit, back pocket, and button snaps.

Our most popular fit – inspired by the boardshorts of the 1960’s – complete with the scallop leg.

Straight through the leg and hitting just above the knee – just the way we like it.

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May 16, 2013 — Bre

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