The guys behind one of our favorite new bands, The New Electric Sound, show how to keep it cool around the pool in our 2012 men’s line.

Lead singer, Scott Vance, sat down with us to talk about their new album, the band’s name, and the coolest place they’ve performed. Read on and get to know the sweet sounds of The New Electric Sound. They’ve quickly become the soundtrack to our summer.

L.R. Where does the band’s name come from?

Scott: The New Electric Sound is a representation of a feeling that must have been present when people heard the electric guitar for the first time, a feeling of creating something new and exploring new textures of sound, the act of pushing boundaries that had never existed before. Our band name conveys exactly the type and feel of music we desire to create. We want so badly for people to get excited about a new sound, while remembering the past. The feeling you get when you cross the past with the present is The New Electric Sound.

What are some of your inspirations for this album?

My main influence was summer. I really love the feeling of happiness and warmth that comes with summer and the sun. I wanted to create an album that I would want to play as a soundtrack to my summer. I felt this record would define my summer and the band.

Do you have a favorite track on the album?

This is an extremely difficult question. I constantly change my mind as I listen through the album. My favorite if I want to dance, is “Suitcase.” If I want to be happy no matter what, I listen to “A Walk in the Park.” If I need an adventure, it’s “Crimson Sky.” If I just want a song stuck in my head for a few weeks, it’s “Heart Beat.”

What’s one of your favorite things to do during the summer?

I love to be outside with friends. Whether I’m rock climbing, hiking, skateboarding, swimming, biking, surfing, or just hanging out at the snow cone shack. If I have to chose one thing, I love to rock climb in the summer!

Where was one of the coolest places you guys performed?

We once played a private acoustic show in Pebble Beach CA for a sea lion and an otter. If you don’t believe me, you otter check it out on our Youtube page.

Where are you performing next?

Our next booked show is at the Rooftop Concert Series in Provo UT on Sept 7th. We will be playing with Fictionist, and it will be a party. I’m pretty excited!

Where can we get your music?

You can purchase our music digitally on iTunes. If you would like a physical copy, you can purchase through Amazon, or locally at Velour in Provo, UT and Lime Ricki in Salt Lake City.


July 17, 2012 — Matt

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