It’s that time of year again when Breanne feels utterly depressed for her lack of not living in New York. This happens quite often but even more so during two certain weeks of the year. Of course we all know I’m talking about New York Fashion Week. Oddly enough, I’m not super interested in going to any runway shows (although I wouldn’t turn them down if I was invited). I’m more interested in walking the streets of New York and envying all of the glorious style there. Street style has always been a favorite of mine. I follow street style blogs like children follow ice cream trucks, but in the end they get ice cream and I am left with a deeper void in my closet.

So while I browse through all of the Fall 2013 collections what I’m really doing is dreaming of how this piece will be paired with that piece from another collection and mixed with some thrift store finds and made into such an exquisite outfit on the streets of New York that The Sartorialist will be speechless and he’ll capture a candid moment of the outfitted woman and blast it on his blog giving me heart palpitations, like some outfits do, which will cause me to write a terribly long run-on sentence because street style is nothing if not worthy of a good run-on sentence.


Posted by: Bre

April 03, 2013 — Bre

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