Last night I spent the evening with rock music and two or three hundred other people. We watched some very good shredding on display. We heard a Fleetwood Mac cover by a rocking blonde and her band of boys. We saw surf rock and nonchalance on the very same stage. And at the very end of the night we lifted a crowd surfing lead guitarist high into the air while he proceeded to melt our faces with his guitar.

Rock, I may have missed you more than I thought I did. But, all it took was a night in the big city with loud drums, driving bass, and lead guitars to realize I could have it back in my life. The world hasn’t completely turned electro yet. And so, I share with you one of the better bands I’ve seen in a long time, Surfer Blood. The most unassuming one I’ve seen at least. Enjoy this song, it’s called Swim. And maybe it will inspire you to find your way to the water, or a rock show. Either one would be really nice.

Posted by: Coby

June 04, 2013 — Tiffany

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