Calling all artists, designers, and swim enthusiasts! Have you ever wanted to see your print on a Lime Ricki swimsuit? Well, here’s your chance! Our fun, playful, and original prints have always been a major part of the Lime Ricki brand, which is why we’re so excited to announce our first ever #LRDesignYourSwim Contest! That’s right, we want YOU to design an adorable print to feature in an upcoming swimsuit line!

Here’s How to Enter:

  1. Design a print you would love to see on a swimsuit (see rules below for design requirements).
  2. Upload your design to a new post on Instagram with the hashtag #LRDesignYourSwim and tag @limericki so we can see it! You can either choose to post just the design itself or use the template provided in THIS Google Drive folder to help us visualize your design (it’s helpful to post both!).
  3. Send a high resolution .PDF or .PSD of your original design to

Entries will be collected through May 13th @ 11:59pm MST. We will choose our top 10 designs, which will go to a vote on our Instagram feed. A winner will be announced the following week.

Here’s What You’ll Win:

  1. $500 payment
  2. Every swimsuit we make with your design.
  3. A suit with your design for FOUR of your friends!

The Rules:

  • Participants may submit up to 5 entries, and each entry MUST be an original design. You may use your own existing work, but existing work must not be previously licensed/used on other products, or for sale in any form.
  • Designs must be a repeating (tiled) pattern. Your design doesn’t have to be seamless just yet–we can help with that–it just needs to be designed with the intention of making it a repeating pattern.
  • Keep in mind you do not need to design a swimsuit for this contest–just the print that goes on the swimsuit!
  • You do NOT have to be a professional artist or designer to enter! We invite anyone with an artistic flair and an idea in their mind to share. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

The Fine Print:

By submitting an entry, you ARE granting Lime Ricki permission to post your credited work on Lime Ricki’s social media outlets. By submitting an entry, you ARE NOT granting Lime Ricki any usage rights to your design and your design will not be used for any other purposes outside of this contest. For your protection, watermarked prints will be accepted until the final winner has been chosen.


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