We just released the second half of our summer line, and we’ve been so overwhelmed this year by all the support we’ve been getting from you. We love our suits and we’re overjoyed that you do too!

Even more than our swimsuits, though, we’re loving the way all of you are sharing them and your journey to be comfortable in your own body. We’ve read some amazing posts lately, and we’re so happy to see you getting vulnerable, telling your stories, and embodying our mission statement: empowering women to feel comfortable, beautiful, and confident.

We wanted to celebrate this idea, so we designed some backgrounds with quotes from some of the ladies that have been sharing their wisdom. Download one for your computer or phone and remember, every day, that you are truly beautiful.

Liz from Pretty Life Girls
“So maybe you don’t look perfect in that swimsuit and maybe it kind of sucks. That’s alright. We’re human. We’re vain. We want to look good, be desired, have confidence. We can’t help it. But beauty does come from within, doesn’t it? Isn’t there power that comes from recognizing your own capacity to learn and help and love and grow and then doing what it takes to make those things happen?”
Read her whole post here.



LR Screensaver 1
Download the Pretty Life Girls background

Janelle from Janelle in Real Life
“I love the idea of embracing all kids of body types in swimsuits. We all wear them, right? And most of us don’t look like sexy Victoria’s Secret models, but who even cares?”
Read her whole post here.


LR Screensaver 2
Download the Janelle in Real Life background

Bonnie from The Life of Bon
“Seeing these pictures I kind of understand why all the models and celebrities do photo shopping.  If my thighs were just a little skinnier.  My legs just a little tanner. But then I have to turn that part of my brain off because my body made a baby and continues to feed that baby and so I can’t be the least bit ashamed of something as stupid as my milky white legs.  My body doesn’t deserve that kind of criticism from me.”
Read her whole post here.


LR Screensaver 3 copy
Download the Life of Bon background

McKenzie from Girl Loves Glam
“I grew up absolutely hating swimming suit shopping. It is sad that I felt that way from such a young age. All of my insecurities would come when I would try on bathing suits. The older I have gotten, the more I have realized that being insecure in a swimming suit should be the least of my worries.”
Read her whole post here.


LR Screensaver 4 copy
Download the Girl Loves Glam background

How do you live every day striving to be confident and be yourself? Share your story with us using the hashtag #lovelimericki. We’d love to feature you and hear what you have to say.


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