Yet again, we’ve been inspired by our amazing community! We love hearing from you – our customers – that you feel confident and comfortable in your Lime Ricki swimwear. We’ve put together a few of our favorite quotes from the past month that you can save to remind yourself every day that you are beautiful and okay.



Krysten from Why Girls are Weird
“There are many pictures that don’t make it onto this blog because my smile looked funny, I was angled wrong, etc. But with these swimsuit pictures I had a hard time not featuring every single picture!”
Read the whole post and details about our giveaway on Krysten's lifestyle blog.



Ariel from Auteur Ariel
“I have a weird body (in my eyes). Having a flat chest is something I’ve dealt with my entire life, and even though it hasn’t bothered me too much, I’ve definitely had my moments when I wish I were more “endowed.” It’s rare that I come across a swimmie that fits my body like a glove. The flamingo swimsuit from Lime Ricki is definitely one of those rare finds! My favorite part is of course, the flamingos. Because why not flamingos?”
Read the whole post and details about our giveaway on Ariel's blog.



Tazia at Tazia Lynne
“No matter how you feel about being in a swimsuit, rock it. Have confidence and you’ll radiate. Be yourself and love who you are. You are beautiful and amazing! Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons.”


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