It’s been a while since we’ve done one of our Live Empowered posts, but we think it’s definitely time that we do! We’ve had so many amazing women sharing their stories this season that we can’t pass up the opportunity to feature them on our blog.

In these posts, we share the quotes and photos of our incredible customers who have opened up about their thoughts on body positivity and swimsuit season. We hope these posts encourage you to #getinthewater and feel comfortable and confident in your swimsuit!


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“Putting insecurities aside and donning a swimsuit today because I promised my favorite 7 year old a special date with mama to the local waterpark. Just him and me. And little boys don’t actually care about their mama’s body insecurities; in fact I dare say they think they’re mama is beautiful no matter what and actually only care about having fun with their mamas. And today I’d rather make memories than sit on the sidelines. Here’s to more mama’s playing with their babies this summer and feeling beautiful and confident while doing so.” -- Ashlee Proffitt @ashleeproffitt


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“Find the parts of your body that you love, and write down what it is that you love about them. Then find the parts of your body that you don’t love as much and figure out something positive to say about them as well. Write that down too.” -- Ragini R @curiousfancy


“If I’m being truly honest, at first look I didn’t want to post this photo. The angle makes me look bigger than I would like. But then I remembered that swimsuits aren’t just for the models, they’re for moms too!” -- Jessica Ashcroft @jessica_ashcroft


“I recently found some old photos from the day I lost my hair. What once would have induced an anxiety attack now gives me motivation to continue to take care of my body. I have finally decided that my body and my life is worth putting the effort into.” -- Chelsie Carr @heytherechelsie


“I have learned my ways to love my body, but I’m not gonna lie and tell you I still don’t struggle – because I do! I just choose to take the time to practice every day and go outside my comfort zone. You never know who you might be inspiring by just being yourself!” -- Glenda @glennymah


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