Fall is coming and now is the time to stock up on books before winter hits. These books have been on my list for a long time and this fall I’m going to take advantage of the time and get some reading done! Let me know if you read these and like them too!


Edenbrooke by: Julianna Donaldson

For those readers that loved Pride & Prejudice and the regency era. Marianne will do anything to escape the boredom of life in Bath and the attention from an unwanted suitor. She receives an invitation from her sister to join her in the country side.  Once out there she experiences, to her dismay, romance, adventure and family secrets. This novel takes us back into a simpler time and makes you fall in love with love.

The Outsiders by:  S.E. Hilton

Like West Side Story, but instead of the Jets and the Sharks, you’ve got the Soc (socials) and the Greasers. This is a tale of a young boys are tough but look out for each other because in their town they are all family. Ponyboy and  his friend Jonny get into some trouble, they are off on an adventure. This book is a short read and full of so much heart.

Where’d You Go, Bernadette by: Maria Semple

When 15 year old Bee, aces her report card she promises her family a trip to Antartica, her agoraphobic mother, Bernadette,  disappears. To find her mother Bee has to compile together a emails, letters and secret correspondence. This novel is about their mother and daughter role and misplaced genius.

The Suicide of Claire Bishop by: Carmiel Banasky

In New York 1959- Claire Bishop sits for a portait, a gift from her husband, only to be relieved that the artist painted a picture of Claire suicide. Haunted by the painting, Claire redefines her life and learns more about her family background. Flash forward to 2004, West finds the picture at an art gallery, and he is convinced that the painting was painted by his ex-girlfriend. With delusion and time travel, West and Claire meet lives are changed forever.

You Knew Me When by: Emily Liebert

Katherine and Laney, two best friends, are spilt apart by time and different ambitions are brought back to their small town after the death of a former neighbor. Both girls  inherit a part of their neighbors mansion, and now have to face each other after years of separation and grudges. Ultimately they have to see if the bond of their friendship can bring them back together.

It’s Not Love, It’s Just Paris by: Patricia Engel

Lita, the daughter of two Columbian orphans,  has been granted one year to pursue life in Paris. She moves in with a bedridden Countess with the opportunity to study, and experience France. Lita keeps her distance from the other girls she lives with, she meets Cato the some of a right-wing politician. As Lita and Cato retreat to their own world, they find it hard to keep the outside world from creeping in.  Lita has to decide if she is going to stay in France or go home and fulfill her family dreams for her future.

The Book Thief by: Marcus Zusak

This WWII story makes you fall in love with the characters and cry with them as well. This story follows   foster girl, Liesel around at the height of the war. Liesel with the help of her foster father, he helps her learn to read and she develops a love for books. Max, a jew, hides away in Liesel’s house and he and Liesel form a bond over books. This book is a page turner you’ll never want to out down.

Hope your Labor Day weekend is off to a great start. Let me know in the comments your thoughts on the books.  What’s on your fall reading list?


September 02, 2016 — Shannon

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