Lately many pins of Autumn fashion have fallen onto my Pinterest boards. I have spotted a trend of leather and feather accessories. Everything from jewelry, boots, and bags—you name it—it’s following the trend. I love these pieces because adding a touch of organic or nature to your look just feels right for the crisp cool season. Plus, gold and brown is one of my favorite color combos to style this fall! So check out some of my favorite leather and feather finds from Pinterest!­­


Silver Leaf Collar Pin

Necklaces aren’t your thing? Well this piece adds a nice touch of masculinity to your feminine style.

The Picnic Clutch

You’ll make bringing your lunch to school so much cooler with this leather bag. Otherwise, carry your daily essentials if carrying treats in this inspired utilitarian paper lunch sack isn’t your thing.

Feather Hair Piece

Similar pieces can be found on Etsy. Simple yet elegant!

Vintage Style Handmade Leather Backpack

I don’t need to say much to convince you that you’ll look way cool trending this backpack on school grounds.

Large Gold Feather Earrings

We found some on BlueFly that look great with long hair or short. These earrings are going to make a statement!

Cross Buckle Ankle Boots

Every person’s feet should feel how refreshing it is to wear leather. And those buckles…need I say more?


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