Now that autumn has arrived, we are diving into ALL the fall things! We've enlisted some of our friends to share their favorite ways to get into the fall mood and inspire us all season long. Today we have Bradi from @StylinCafe, a content creator who loves all things vintage, eclectic and thrifty, to share her favorite easy and inexpensive ideas for fall decor. Enjoy!

The air is starting to crisp and the leaves outside are covering the sidewalk which means fall is here! With this magical season comes some new magical ways to enhance your space. I always opt for items I can find at my local vintage, thrift, or antique shop. There are so many beautiful options out there, and you can find some affordable gems when you’re really looking.

Antique Postcards

Easy and Cheap Fall Decor Ideas

Besides being fun to look at, antique postcards are my absolute favorite items to use as fall decor in my apartment. I am always excited to see the different penmanship, stamp colors, and covers of vintage postcards. Each one tells a little story about who wrote it, why they wrote it, and who received it. What I like to do with my postcards for decor is lay them on my side tables, prop them on shelves, or frame them. Framing the cover is always a great option, but sometimes I even love framing the back to show off the message and antique writing. Postcards are always a nice way to add some vintage fall flare into your space.

Unique Frames

Easy and Cheap Fall Decor Ideas

Since we mentioned framing postcards, the frames themselves are always easy and fun to find at thrift or antique shops. My gallery wall almost exclusively houses vintage or second hand frames. I love them because they are all so different from one another. Each one came from a different place, and has a slightly different style than the one next to it on my wall.

Vintage Dishware

Easy and Cheap Fall Decor Ideas

Lastly, little vintage dishware is extremely easy to find at vintage, antique, and thrift shops! I frequent thrift stores that have shelves and shelves of dishware, all from different eras of time with their own unique characteristics. I love to find mugs, creamers, and little plates (and I am excited to someday have more cabinet space so I can have an even bigger collection). Recently, I found a couple of mugs that I knew would be perfect for my fall shelf decor!

There you have it! It’s easier than you think to find the most perfect pieces for your fall decor. I can’t wait to continue searching for and curating the most magical fall pieces for my own space! 

Easy and Cheap Fall Decor Ideas

Thanks Bradi! Be sure to follow along @StylinCafe on Instagram for more home decor, fashion, and thrifting inspo! If you're still looking for all things fall, check out our other fall-themed blog posts HERE.

October 28, 2021 — Lauren Nielsen

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