If you’re anything like me, you really want to give back to your community, but you feel like you can’t fit another thing on your plate. Between school, work, taking care of the kiddos, and all your other responsibilities, it can be hard to even think about doing charity work.

I can definitely relate. That’s why I want to let you in on some of my secrets on how I make doing good a part of my daily life. It’s easier than you think!

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Once you start looking around, there are quite a few apps out there that help you implement service into activities you already do every day!

Charity Miles // All you have to do is remember to turn on this app when you head out for a walk, jog, or even a bike ride! Charity Miles donates to an organization of your choice for every mile you exercise: 25¢ for running or walking, 10¢ for biking.

Donate a Photo // If you take at least one photo every day, you can share it using this app to have a dollar donated to a charity that you choose.

Check In for Good // Similar to foursquare, you can check in on this app when you arrive at certain businesses. Those businesses will then donate to a cause, and even give you coupons or offers to encourage you to come back.


There are many products out there that give back with every purchase made – think about Toms or Target’s [RED] line. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing if you’re a shopaholic!

Lush: Charity Pot // This incredible hand and body lotion is one of my favorite things at Lush. Every time you buy it, 100% of the proceeds go toward a humanitarian, environmental, or animal rights cause.

Cotopaxi: Bangladesh Water Bottle // When you buy this water bottle, it provides clean water to a person in Bangladesh for about six months. Not to mention it’s a great buy – your water will stay cold all day, even if you leave it in a hot car!

Sevenly: Art Print // Every purchase you make from this website donates $7 to the current charity until the goal is met and another one is started. I especially love these cute art prints! 


Of course, there’s always the old fashioned way to give back – donating your time or money. These are the hard ones to fit in, but with these ideas, it will be much more convenient!

Donate old clothes // Here’s your excuse to clean out your closet and get all new clothes! Take the old ones to those in need by running them by your nearest Goodwill or Deseret Industries.

Charity dinner // If you search hard enough in your city, you should be able to find a few charity dinner events. You just pay a cover price to get in or register, and that money is then donated to the dinner’s cause. Make it a night out with the girls!

Volunteer // This is a great one to for your next day date with your man! Some of my favorite places to volunteer are animal shelters, special needs events, and soup kitchens.


So, are you going to try any of these suggestions? When you do, take a picture and share it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram with the hashtag #mermaidmovement! I can’t wait to see how you make a difference!

November 05, 2014 — Nicole

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