March is here and with it comes Women’s History Month! In honor of International Women’s Day today, we thought this would be a perfect time to give you ideas for easy ways we can celebrate the achievements of women and bring light to women’s issues all month long (and of course, this extends to all year round too)!

Educate yourself

You may have first heard about #internationalwomensday as a hashtag on Instagram, but did you know the first International Women’s day took place all the way back in 1911? In order to fully celebrate Women’s History Month, it’s important to understand the history of the women’s rights movement and why it is something we must continue to advocate for today. Take some time to learn about the impactful women in history who broke barriers and paved the way for women everywhere, and educate yourself on the issues facing women across the globe today. Our knowledge is what gives us power!

Show appreciation to the women who inspire you

In some way or another, we have all been shaped by the influence of strong and  intelligent women, so what better time to show appreciation for them than Women’s History Month? That includes mothers, aunts, teachers, professors, counselors, supervisors and any other important women in your life. Make a plan to treat her to lunch, write a thoughtful note, send her flowers–whatever it is, make sure she knows the impact she’s had on you, and how much you appreciate her.

Get involved in a women’s organization

There are many ways to get involved with a women’s organization, and it can even be a lot of fun! You can attend a lecture or a workshop, volunteer at an event, participate in a march, or just become part of a community of women who are just as passionate about a cause or idea as you are! If you’re local to the Utah area, Utah Valley University published a list of women’s organizations to get involved with. With so many different options, there’s something for everyone!

Support Women-owned businesses

The easiest way to support women is to support their businesses. As a proud women-owned and operated business ourselves we understand the unique challenges facing women entrepreneurs today. When you support women-owned business, you are supporting the community, economic growth, and empowering young girls everywhere to achieve their dreams. Remember that supporting women-owned businesses doesn’t just mean purchasing their products or services. You can also share it with your friends social media, donate to organizations or grants that boost female entrepreneurship, offer networking and resources, and so much more!

Donate to Women’s shelters

There are women who are thriving and there are women in need of help, and it’s important to support all of them. Women shelters serve a vital role in the community by helping women and children escape situations including domestic violence and extreme poverty. Since many of these women and children arrive with little to no belongings, these shelters are constantly in need of hygiene products, clothing, blankets, and other basic necessities. Reach out to a shelter in your area and find out what their needs are. You can even plan a donation party and encourage guests to bring items to donate!

Lift up the women around you

Supporting women doesn’t always have to be a grand gesture or financial donation. It can be as simple as giving out a compliment, listening to women’s stories (especially those in marginalized communities), celebrating the successes of other women without jealousy, and speaking up when you see injustices happen. There are so many ways to lift up the women around you. When we empower women, it brings out the best in humanity and ultimately makes the world a better place.


March 08, 2019 — Lauren

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