The holidays are swiftly approaching, and lots of times it seems like amidst all the lists for Santa, gingerbread houses, and twinkling lights, us moms get forgotten! So here’s a word of advice: don’t let yourself be ignored this holiday season! I put together my holiday gift guide for moms, so even if you have to stop by the mall to pick up one of these goodies for yourself, make sure you have something in your stocking on a snowy morning.

holiday gift guide for moms

1. Bath bomb
Let’s be honest – there’s really no relaxation like settling into a hot bath, and bath bombs make it that much better. Of course, LUSH has the best ones, so take your pick!

2. A good book
It’s way too hard to pick just one, but I did round up some favorites that I’m hoping to read over winter break! I’m especially looking forward to Fates and Furies.

3. Book of memories
I haven’t regretted my subscription to Chatbooks since I signed up. Every 60 Instagrams I take, a book shows up at my door with all my photos inside! You can also create your own book using a hashtag or simply uploading photos through the app.

4. A comfy shirt
I’m in love with my cute Mom Life is the Best Life shirt. Not only does it look so comfy, but it reminds me to appreciate the little moments every day that reinforce why I chose motherhood.

5. A cute mug
Again, it’s impossible to pick just one – but I do love all the mugs from Ashley Brooke Designs! I want to collect them all for my morning cup of cider in the wintertime.

6. Scented candles
Are there any of us that would say no to a holiday candle from Bath & Body Works? I know I wouldn’t! My favorites are the Fresh Balsam and Tis the Season.

7. Stylish swimsuit
Of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without mentioning a cute suit from our new line! This might be my favorite release this year. Head over to the shop to check them out!

What else would you add to this list? Let me know in the comments!

December 04, 2015 — Nicole

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