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I think sometimes we overlook the beauty and simplicity of the high pony. When we are at the ‘I really need to wash my hair’ stage but can’t quite find the time, we tend to through it up in a top knot. Now, don’t get me wrong, top knots are wonderful. Just wonderful. But sometimes that high pony is even more wonderful. (Not to mention, easier.) There are many different types of high pony styles. You can go super sleek and slicked back. You can pull out front pieces and give it that messy look. You can have super straight hair or curly messy hair. SO MANY CHOICES. And the high pony is such a classic. It goes with any outfit, any season, any occasion. And it’s so easy. Let’s not leave it in the dust.

Posted by: Bre

October 01, 2012 — Bre

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