Here’s to the dog days of summer. Sleeping in a room with two windows and a fan is not enough. At 2 a.m. I couldn’t sleep for lack of cool air, so I did what any person seeking sanity would do, I tried to get my core temperature down (aka I dipped into some very cold water). It worked, and minutes later I was back in bed, between my two windows and under a fan. The world seemed to be moving slower, and that’s ok.

This is a song for those days, the dog days. I feel like they’re here because it’s hot, and I imagine scenes from kids books taking place during the days (slow motion life, sweat dripping from drooping faces, people too hot to do anything). This song, though, is like a dip in a cool pool. So if you’re somewhere where it’s just too hot, this one is for you.

Posted by: Coby


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