It’s time for another interview! We’ve had the pleasure of working with Lyndsey of @mommafitlyndsey, a mom-blogger all about helping those around her live healthier and more fulfilling lives. It was great to chat virtually about swimsuits, music, and postpartum life.

#GetInTheWater interview with Lyndsey of @lyndsey.picc. Love this so much! | Body positivity | Swimsuit shopping |


Lime Ricki: What was the last movie you saw? 

Lyndsey: The last movie I saw was Mary Poppins.  My youngest daughter met her at Disney World and became obsessed.  We have it on repeat at our house now!

LR: What was your first job? Do you have any funny stories about it? 

L: My first (and best!) job I ever had was working in a restaurant at an independent living facility for senior citizens.  I learned a lot about cooking and interacting with the residents was awesome.  My grandma also lived there for a period of time while I worked there and it was great to see her every time I was at work!

LR: Who is your celebrity soul sister and why? 

L: Julia Child.  Not that I’m an amazing chef!  But I admire her tenacity to go after her dreams despite people thinking she was going to fail.  Her story inspired me to never be afraid to try something you want to.

LR: What is your go-to road trip snack? 

L: Larabars!  I always have one in my bag!

LR: What three songs do you listen to when you need a boost? 

L: I have a few songs that are my “rally” songs when I’m running.  Alive by Hillsong Y&F, Overcomer by Mandisa, and I’m Still Standing (from the Sing Soundtrack… that one thanks to my girls!)

LR: Who is your female role model and why? 

L: I’m inspired by so many women for so many different reasons!  I love that we live in an era where women are feeling empowered and confident to go after their dreams.

LR: When do you feel your most confident and why? 

L: When I am ready for the day before my kids get up.  I’m an organized, list-based person.  If I can have time to get my ducks in a row before the day begins, I feel confident no matter what.

LR: What does #getinthewater mean to you?

L: #Getinthewater means to ditch the insecurities and have fun!  Having two small girls, this initiative means so much to me.  I don’t want to spend my time on a chair or in a cover up because I’m not feeling confident.  I want to enjoy that time with them.

LR: What advice do you have about feeling comfortable & confident in a swimsuit? 

L: Find something that you feel comfortable in!  Embrace who you are and know that we all have felt this way!

LR: How do you share body positivity and/or self love with your children or your friends? 

L: I teach my girls to honor their body through healthy balance.  We love to exercise together to keep ourselves healthy and active.  I like to teach my girls that when they eat healthy, they feel better.  Teaching my girls to love themselves has helped me to have more self love for areas I used to see as flaws.  We were all made different and loving those differences and embracing them is what I want to teach!

LR: Have you struggled with loving your body?

L: Absolutely!  Adjusting to my postpartum self was definitely a struggle.  But it was a blessing in disguise because it led me to my health & fitness journey and connecting with other women struggling in the same area.  It was only because of embracing my postpartum self that I was able to really commit to a health journey and help others do the same through my blog.

Lyndsey is pictured wearing Lime Ricki Mint Classic Peplum and Botanical Ruched Bottoms. Make sure you follow Lyndsey on her Instagram, @lyndsey.picc, and take a peek at her blog, Momma Fit Lyndsey!

April 17, 2018 — Shannon

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