This month, we got to chat with Kelli France, a rad mom of four who has made it her mission to empower women to look good, feel good, and do good. We loved getting her book recs, finding out her music guilty pleasures, and learning what makes her feel confident. Make sure you give her a follow on Instagram for a daily confidence boost!

#GetInTheWater Interview with Kelli of @kellifrance | Body positivity | Modest swimwear | #limericki #bodypositivity #modestswimsuit

Lime Ricki: What book do you recommend to everyone? 

Kelli: I highly recommend “How to win Friends & Influence People”. It’s one of the best books on learning to connect and build positive relationships with others that will effect every aspect of your life.

LR: What was your first job? Do you have any funny stories about it?

K: My first job lasted all of one day. I was hired to work at a frozen yogurt stand (that only required one employee) in our local grocery store when I was 16. My best friend wanted to sleepover night on my first day on the job so I told her that she could just come to work with me. We goofed off and weren’t very professional. The manager just happened to stop by while she was there and laid me off the next day. I don’t even know what I was thinking ha ha. Not a very smart move to make as a teen – lol!

LR: Which celebrity would you want as your best friend?

K: Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper. I think she would be a rad stable friend to have that would give me all sorts of wise advice and help me stay grounded. I just love her even though I’m more like Chip than I am like Joanna.

LR: What is your favorite treat?

K: Can I only pick one thing ha ha? I can’t pass up warm homemade chocolate chip cookies, licorice, or Sour Patch Straws. I eat them on the reg.

LR: What three songs do you listen to when you need a boost?

K: Anything 80’s and any type of dance music. I looove to ugly dance.

LR: Who is your female role model and why?

K: Rachel Hollis because she is a mom who is so inspiring and she’s doing many of the goals and dreams that I hope to be able to do as well.

LR: When do you feel your most confident and why? 

K: When I take time for myself including exercising, eating healthy-ish, getting dressed up in a fab outfit and putting on makeup, then I feel like I can take on the world!

LR: What does #getinthewater mean to you?

K: I think it means to be brave and do things that might push you out of your comfort zone whether that be wearing your swimsuit out in public, starting a new biz, or trying something new. All you need is 20 seconds of courage and you can do anything!

LR: What advice do you have about feeling comfortable & confident in a swimsuit?

K: Your kids, husband, friends, or loved ones aren’t going to remember how you looked in a swimsuit, they’re going to remember the experience and the way you made them feel. It’s more about making memories, and less about looking perfect so get over yourself and wear the swimsuit so you can be part of the experience and not watching from the sidelines.

LR: How do you share body positivity and/or self love with your children or your friends? 

K: I am SO passionate about helping women feel confident that I have a dedicated Facebook group called “Kelli’s Confidence Club” that empowers women to look good, feel good & do good with weekly Confidence Challenges & my upcoming #21DaystoConfident Workshop.

LR: Have you struggled with loving your body? Tell about it.

K: Of course! Who hasn’t?! With baby #4 I had gained 60 lbs during that pregnancy and weighed almost 200 lbs. Besides the fact, that I had a ridiculous hair cut, I was not loving how I looked. I felt like I was trapped in my own body and knew there was a healthy confident woman under all that weight just dying to come out! It took lots of time and effort to lose some of the weight but when I did, I felt healthier and better about myself. Although I know that your weight is not your worth, I do feel more confident when I am stronger and in better physical shape.

Don’t forget to head over to Kelli’s Instagram @kellifrance! And if you’re looking for more inspirational interviews, try this one we did with Andrea last month.

September 14, 2018 — Shannon

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