As part of our #getinthewater series, we got to have a virtual chat with Chandler and it was such a treat. Chandler is a hardworking mom to the cutest little boy, and she always keeps it real – we loved getting to know her even better!

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Lime Ricki: What was your first job? Do you have any funny stories about it?

Chandler: I worked for a wood fired pizza place called 2 Fat Guys Pizza and I absolutely loved it! I remember one night we were closing up the shop and it was my coworkers last day. I was cleaning the men’s bathroom and my coworker came in and just kissed me! He said “I wanted to make sure I kissed you before I left.” It was so funny, random, and weird!

LR: What’s your latest tv binge? 

C: We actually don’t have TV and haven’t for 4 years! But we do have Netflix to entertain my little boy so sometimes I will watch Riverdale.

LR:  What is your favorite beverage? 

C: Pepsi! I’m pretty sure it has replaced my blood.

LR: What three songs do you listen to when you need a boost? 

C: Good as Hell by Lizzo, Adventure by Cheat Codes, and basically any song by Us the Duo

LR: Who is your female role model and why? 

C: I have so many for different areas of my life so it’s hard to choose. But one that comes to mind in particular is my friend Kallie. She is such an amazing, genuine, talented person! She is so strong and confident and constantly pushes me to be better and reminds me that I’m never alone.

LR: When do you feel your most confident and why? 

C: I feel the most confident when I’m doing something I’m passionate about. When I’m doing something I love it’s not stressful and it’s not work. Plus, when I love what I do I naturally take more initiative to learn and grow more and I think people notice that and feel that energy. Then it just becomes a cycle of confident people supporting each other!

LR: What does #getinthewater mean to you?

C: To me #getinthewater means letting go of your worries and just having fun! Stop stressing about things and just let loose with your family and friends. Create a carefree and safe environment for yourself and those you are with by letting your inner child out.

LR: What advice do you have about feeling comfortable & confident in a swimsuit?

C: Remember that a swimsuit isn’t supposed to be a fashion statement. A swimsuit is a way for you to have fun with your friends in the water without ruining your clothes. If you are buying a suit with the sole purpose of taking cute pictures but hate how you look or feel, you are just going to keep creating a negative cycle for yourself. Get a suit that you fits your style and that you can see yourself having fun in the water with!

LR: How do you share body positivity and/or self love with your children or your friends?

C: Giving genuine and individual compliments. Anyone can say “you look nice today” but when you say “Wow, that color really brings out your beautiful eyes!” it goes a long way. Teaching my little boy through my example is something I strive for every day. Showing and expressing love and kindness to myself and others is the best way to teach!

LR: Have you struggled with loving your body? Tell about it.

C: Yes! And I think I have a unique perspective as well. I have been criticized by family and random people for thinking I was too thin. I have never struggled with an eating disorder but I was constantly being asked if I did – including from church and school leaders. Once I participated in a pageant (that I didn’t win) and when I got my score sheet back to review with my coach there was a comment that said they didn’t want someone with an eating disorder representing the town. I was so embarrassed and no matter what I said nothing would change their opinion. I felt so much pressure to make sure I ate in front of people, never went to the bathroom after I ate, and wear layers of clothing to make me look thicker. I was consistently in fear and anxious that people were making assumptions about me; and to be honest I still get that way sometimes when I’m around new people. As I’ve gotten older I’ve learned that really only my opinion about myself matters and that those closest to me know and trust me. I shouldn’t care what some stranger thinks of me especially if they aren’t going to take the time to get to know me! Having a healthy body does not mean you need to be within a certain thin or thickness that someone else decided for you.

Chandler is pictured wearing Lime Ricki Black Stripe Vintage Bralette and Black Stripe Vintage Bottoms. Make sure you follow Chandler on her Instagram, and check out her blog, Life as a Larsen!



March 13, 2018 — Shannon

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