Swimsuit shopping is often one of the dreaded items on our to-do list – especially when it includes a growing belly bump! It’s hard enough to find a suit for a regular summer, but when your body is changing constantly to accommodate the little one inside, it can be even more daunting. To help you out, we recruited our cute pregnant friend, Shauna, to try on some suits and share what she thinks of them and how they work for her!

In this video, Shauna tries on four different swimsuit styles from Lime Ricki that will work for pregnant women and discusses how they feel on her, the pros and cons of each, and how to ensure you get the right size and fit. These aren’t the only good maternity suits, though – we have some more recommendations at the end of this post!

Meet Shauna

• 32 weeks along
• Bra size: 34D
• Dress size: L
• Pant size: 30
• Height: 5’8″

Suit Styles in This Video

Cinch-Neck Tankini
Stay with pre-pregnancy size
• Provides great coverage with the high neckline
• Length gives room for growing belly
• Helps you feel secure
Get it here.

Shirred Tankini
Stay with pre-pregnancy size
• Adjustable straps allow you to tighten/loosen as needed
• Shirring allows room for growth
• Can be worn throughout entire pregnancy
Get it here.

One-Shoulder Tankini
Stay with pre-pregnancy size
• Accentuates the waist
• Length provides room for growing belly
• Coverage in all areas to help you feel comfortable
Get it here.

Zippered One-Piece
Size up one size
• Shirring allows for extra room and length
• Adjustable straps allow you to tighten/loosen as needed
• Works for long or short torsos
Get it here.

Here are a few other suit styles we recommend for those growing belly bumps:
Bandeau Tankini
Triple-Strap Tankini

Still not sure which suit to buy or in what size? Let us help! Email us at customerservice@limericki.com or live chat with us on limericki.com from 10-3 MST! And if you’re looking for more of our fun, colorful styles, head over to our website to see them all!

Find your maternity swimwear fit - so needed! Click through for a video!

PS. Big thanks to Brenda of Brenda Bird Designs for these beautiful photos from last year!


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