Keeping your littles entertained 24/7 can be tough. Not to mention countless toys, movies, and trips to the zoo can get pretty expensive, especially when you have multiple children. Pinch some pennies and your kids cheeks while you spend an afternoon at the kitchen table homemaking some personalized toys with your tots! To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of 9 DIY toys that will be fun for your kids not only to play with, but to help make too!

Click on the links below the picture to find out how to make each item.DIY Toys TotsMini Foosball Table | Lacing Frames | Jumbo Chalk | Not a Glitter Wand

Glow in the Dark Bowling | Wooden Spoon Dolls | Felt Mr. Potato Head

Playdough | Doll House

What kinds of crafts or things do you love making with your children? Share them in the comments below for all the other cute mommas out there.


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