Warm nights spent under the stars, stories told around the fire, and afternoons reading in the hammock are just a few of our favorite things about camping. But our most favorite? The casual and comfy yet chic clothes! We’ll be honest, we don’t go camping that often, but when we do, you better believe we’re using it as an excuse to break out the flannels and quirky t-shirts.

Since summer is almost over, though, I’m hoping to fit in a couple more trips before the nights get too chilly! As I was thinking about it, I decided to brainstorm a few fun outfit ideas and share them with you for inspiration. What are your favorite things to wear camping?

Camping fashion! So cute & there's more if you click through!

Like I said – there’s nothing more essential to the outdoors than a classic red plaid flannel! Wear it as is or pair it with a white t-shirt and tie it around your waist. Complete the look with some classic sneakers and a cap, and you’ll look like you’ve done this a million times!

Camping fashion! So cute & there's more if you click through!

A fun, outdoorsy t-shirt is a staple when on a camping trip. Perfect to wear when you’re just hanging around the campsite or spending time by the lake, match it with a pair of ripped jeans and some cute but useful sandals. Add a bandana if you want to really commit to that camp vibe!

Camping fashion! So cute & there's more if you click through!

Camping usually includes a little hike or two, and this is where our bralette comes in handy! It can double as a sports bra, so it’s perfect for any hike, but bonus points if you’re heading to a lake or swimming hole and can use it as a swim top too. A hoodie is needed for those mountain breezes when the sun goes down, and of course, some Nikes for scrambling up that hill.

Where is your favorite place to go camping, and what swimsuit do you bring with you when you do? Make sure you check out our new arrivals and grab one for your next trip!


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