With summer quickly approaching I am feeling the pressure even more to get into tip top shape so I can feel confident in my swimsuit in just a short month or two. As motivation to be more consistent with working out, I sometimes reward myself for reaching small fitness milestones. I usually try to reward myself with new workout clothes or accessories to keep my mind in line with my fitness goals. Below are my favorite accessories for working out, all under $50!

workout accessories

  1. Mi Fitness Band $18.89 – This fitbit knockoff works just as good as the real thing, it’s just one-tenth of the cost! It’s lightweight fitness band that tracks your steps, sleeping patterns, and calories burned.
  2. Yoga Mat $20.95 – Who knows where those public mats have been? Instead of using the yoga studio or gym’s yoga mats, invest in your own. The hardest part will be choosing which color to purchase!
  3. Reflective Headbands $12.99+ – For those late nights when I take a jog with my hubs, I love wearing accessories with reflectives on them. It makes me feel safer when the sun isn’t out, plus these are oh so stylish!
  4. Jo+Jax Slack Pant $49.00 – I could wear these comfy coral sweats everyday if I could! I love that these come in children sizes as well so you and your minis can match!
  5. Ausdom Bluetooth Headphones $49.99 – One of my biggest pet peeves is when my headphones constantly fall out of my ears while working out. These oversized headphones are not only secure, but also cordless (bluetooth compatible)!
  6. Zella Fitness Socks $24.00 (3-pack) – My feet thank me everytime I wear these Zella socks. They are as soft as butter and provide adequate padding so my feet are protected from any impact.
  7. “Incredible” Sports Bra $49.50+ – I invested in one, and now I want all of the colors. This sports bra is so supportive and makes me confident that nothing will be falling out while jumping up and down.
  8. Hidden Compartment Water Bottle $12.53 – BEST INVENTION EVER. Now I don’t have to worry about losing my gym card or credit card as it stored in my 2 in 1 waterbottle!
  9. Augusta Gym Bag $17.27 – This is the most perfect sized gym bag. I call it my Mary Poppins bag because it looks smaller than how many things can actually fit in there. I also love that there is a designated space for my shoes!

As a bonus, I’m also listing my favorite FREE fitness apps below. Sometimes the biggest obstacle for me when it comes to working out is figuring out what to do. With these training apps, I don’t have to think twice before heading out to hit the gym. These apps do all the hard work for me. Some of these apps provide a little boost to keep myself going during those harder working outs/longer runs.

  1. Nike Training Club
  2. Fit Star Personal Trainer
  3. FitNet
  4. WOD Deck of Cards
  5. Spring
  6. Wahoo! 7 Minute Workout

What are some of your favorite workout accessories? Share them with us in the comments below! Also, just in case you need a little extra motivation for your workout today, download our Spotify workout playlist here!


May 12, 2015 — Nicole

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