With the holidays approaching, it’s that time of year when almost everyone seems to go on one vacation or another! I’m definitely looking forward to taking a few trips in the coming year, but what I’m not looking forward to is the process of traveling to my destination!

I don’t know about you, but when I’m spending a lot of time wandering around the airport and sitting on a plane, I want to look cute but still be comfy! Achieving that balance can be difficult, so I want to share my go-to items for when I’m boarding planes and standing in the line at Cinnabon (right?).

Aiport fashion

1. BDG Woven Wool Sweater Tote Bag // I love this bag because it’s the perfect size to fit my laptop while still not being too bulky, so it’s just right for a carry-on. Plus, the colors and geometric pattern are to die for!

2. Banana Republic Faux-Leather Front Legging // Leggings are the ideal option for a trip because they’re fashionable without being uncomfortable. The faux-leather on these take it up a notch to look a little more classy, while still being fitted and comfy since the detail is only on the front.

3. Lululemon Yogi Crew Sweater // Travelling in Lululemon is my favorite because all their clothes are super breathable yet cozy. This sweater comes in a few different styles and colors, and all of them will keep you warm on the plane, but not too hot when you arrive at your sunny destination.

4. Forever 21 Faux-Leather Braid Headband // If you’re like me and you don’t want to mess with your hair while you’re rushing through security, this headband is the perfect way to keep it in line. The gold and leather tie in impeccably with the rest of the outfit!

5. Ban.do It Girl Cuff & Sweet Talk Bangle // I absolutely love everything from ban.do and these bracelets are no exception! They might not be the most practical for the airport, but I couldn’t resist adding them in. You’ve got to add a little sparkle, right?

6. Emma Metallic Suede Ballet Flats // These are the perfect mix of comfortable and stylish! With the main pieces of this outfit being grey and black, I had to add a splash of gold. You can just never go wrong with that!

With all this inspiration, I’m almost excited to spend some time in airports! Leave a comment and tell me where you’re spending your holidays!


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