Now that’s a tongue twister, eh? And it might gross you out at first. And if you wash your hair every other day you’re thinking this is impossible. But I am living (and sanitary) proof that baby, it’s possible. It does take some training though. I’m gonna show you a process and give you some tips. If you try this and absolutely can’t do this then you can take this four days at a time, then five, six, and you should be able to do a week.


But I could NEVER do it without my trusty dry shampoo. I know we all have different budgets, and they don’t have to be big. I’ve tested all the dry shampoo that I can find and these three are the best of the best. Choose wisely, but to be honest.. you can’t choose wrong!

Dry Shampoo-01


Day 1: I have freshly washed hair that was blow dried and curled with some beach waves. I wore it down of course.

photo 1 (1)

Day 2: My hair wasn’t as curly, but it had some waves. I choose to use this hairspray instead of a texture or curl spray, because it doesn’t make my hair sticky, heavy, or weigh it down. This seems to lock in the left over curls.

photo 2 (1)


Day 3: My hair has hardly any waves in it, but isn’t strait. It’s just kind of a mess. I decided that an animal print headband would compliment it nicely. Any headband would look rockin’! You’re welcome to spray some dry shampoo all over, but you might not need to. Today is a day where I feel weird. I don’t love the awkward stage between straight and wavy that its in. But I remember to smile and I remember that this is good for my hair! You can add some curls or straighten it but I choose not to, this is like a cleanse for my hair, it will thank me! You look great, I promise.

photo 3

Day 4: Time for a bun! I like to keep mine nice and tight, but keep it fun by pulling out some strands of wavy hair. (You may need to curl these, and give ’em some dry shampoo lovin’).

photo 4

Day 5: Top Knot Time! You’re probably excited to throw your probably greasy hair onto the top of your head. You don’t need dry shampoo today! Feeling sloppy? On days where I wear my hair like this I wear a little more makeup or lipgloss than usual.

 photo 1 (2)

Day 6: I fall back on the headband again. But this time I took a springtime scarf and wrapped it around my head, boho style. Now you’re probably wondering how your hair is gonna look after being in a bun for two days. Here’s what I do: Brush it first. It’s going to look pretty bad (most likely). The ends of your hair might be dry, while your roots are greasy. Tip your head upside down and spray your dry shampoo of choice into your hair. Pop back up and spray it to the roots, making sure to fluff it and give it volume. If you wanna add some curls or straighten it, now’s the time. People will only see your ends today! Make sure to use a kind of heat protectant.

photo 2 (2)

Day 7: LAST DAY. Throw a hat on! (any hat will do)

photo 3 (1)

Thanks for following along! Questions welcome in the comments. Xoxo


July 12, 2014 — Chloe Bruderer

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