August came and before you know it September is moving in. Where did the time go? Summer vacays are so much fun and once school starts the vacations vanish. Well no more! We all need our R & R year around. There are only 10 weekends until 2017, that doesn’t seem like a lot but we have to make the time count. Here are 9 ah-mazing weekend trips that you can take!

Big Sur, California

Big Sur

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We all have dreams of heading off to California on a whim. Now is the time to do it! Jet off to Big Sur where there are natural wonders from pristine beaches to giant Sequoias to remote hot springs. California is waiting for you.

Havasupai Falls, Arizona


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Havasupai Falls is a quick hike to amazing waterfalls. The red rock agains this gorgeous blue water  makes for the perfect place to take pictures and stare at the splendor. Take a weekend, go hiking and  enjoy the site of Arizona!

Portland, Oregon


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Not only does Portland have the best donuts, Voodoo and Blue Star,  but you can take drive through lush forest you hit the ocean. Visit Cannon Beach and get some amazing clam chowder. Plus no sales tax, how can you resist?

San Fransisco, California


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Everywhere you look, everywhere you look, it’s the Full House home! San Fransisco is full of culture and beauty.  Visit little cafes, go to the marina or check out the perfect views. This city is artful, and a great place to unwind and become a true foodie.

Sedona, Arizona


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Another place where nature really shows you up. This little town in Arizona is full of hikes, jeep tours, and legends of the culture. Sedona is peaceful and a perfect town to get rest and take a zillion pictures.

Santa Barbara, California

Santa Barbara

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This awesome coastal town is the perfect balance of city and beach. The architecture is stunning and a great place to look for celebs. Santa Barbara is very underrated but fashionable with cute boutiques and little shops to stop into!

San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio

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San Antonio might be that hidden city we’ve been looking for! Not only is the Alamo located here but there are theme parks, amazing museums and the famous River Walk. San Antonio is the best balance of color and history.

Seattle, Washington

Pike Place Market at Christmastime, Seattle, Washington, USA

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North of Oregon, this city has many tourist spots and great places to make memories. Stop by Pike Place Market and get your fresh flowers and even fresher seafood. You might get caught in a rain storm but then that means you have successfully been to Seattle.


August 29, 2016 — Shannon

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