We are big podcast listeners around our office, and can often be heard discussing our latest faves around the conference table at our weekly meetings. Even though we all work together and listen to a lot of the same shows, there were quite a few favorites among our team, so today, we thought we’d share the 9 empowering podcasts we love!

9 empowering podcasts - love these! | limericki.com

1. How I Built This

Almost everyone on our team listens to this one – every episode is so interesting and motivating. Each week, the host interviews a different person who was has created a very successful and well-known business. Throughout the 30-40 minute episode, we learn where the person started, how he or she got the idea for the business, and the journey in growing it to where it is today. Some favorite episodes around our office are the ones on Spanx, Patagonia, and Drybar.

2. Awesome With Alison

If you’ve never heard of Alison from The Alison Show or Awesome with Alison, go start listening to her podcast or reading her blog right now. Alison is local to Utah (just like Lime Ricki) and is known for throwing all-female dance parties and hosting branding workshops. Her podcast that she does with her husband, Eric, is brand new this year and we can’t get enough of it. Alison is always high energy and fun, but also extremely down-to-earth and shares so many amazing tips to constantly improve in business and life. Our favorite episodes include #12, #18, and the gratitude practice in #24!

3. TED Radio Hour

This one has the same host as How I Built This – Guy Raz. Each episode focused on a certain topic and clips from several TED talks are pulled in to explore and discuss that topic. It’s a great listen if you love TED talks, but even if you’ve never heard one before, you’ll be inspired by this show. One of our all time favorite episodes is the one on courage!

4. The Goal Digger Podcast

If you’re looking for a podcast with awesome, applicable business advice, look no further than Goal Digger. Host Jenna Kutcher has grown her photography business into a true lifestyle brand, and she has so many tips for creatives and entrepreneurs. Scroll through her list of episodes and listen to anything that sounds interesting – you can’t go wrong!

5. Modern Love

You might have heard of the Modern Love column in the New York Times – this is that in audio form! Each week, a different actor or actress reads an essay from the column, and then the host interviews the original author and the editor of Modern Love. The stories can be sad, uplifting, or unexpected, but they’re always beautiful. It’s an amazing podcast to listen to when you need a little boost of hope and assurance of how much love is in the world.

6. The Lively Show

Hosted by Jess Lively, this podcast is all about living intentionally, being a female entrepreneur, and finding balance in life. Jess alternates between interviewing influential people in this space and sharing snippets of her own life, travels, and advice. It’s easy to come away from an episode feeling like you’ve learned too much to take it all in.

7. Dear Sugar Radio

If you’ve ever read the book Wild (or seen the movie), you know one of the hosts of this podcast – Cheryl Strayed. Before she ever set out on her months-long hike of the Pacific Coast Trail, she ran an advice column called Dear Sugar and this is the continuation of that. Along with her cohost Steve Almond, they answer questions spanning every topic and a lot of their advice is truly eye-opening. This is a good one if you need a fresh perspective on something in your life.

8. Magic Lessons

You may have also heard of this podcast’s host if you’ve read Eat Pray Love or Big Magic. Elizabeth Gilbert wrote her book on creativity and then wanted to keep exploring the subject, so she started her podcast to have an outlet to do so. Each week, she interviews a new guest about his or her advice on tapping into our intrinsic creativity and you’ll always come away with some applicable tips!

9. Invisibilia

This is one of our favorite podcasts simply because of how interesting it is and how much it makes us think.  The two hosts have made it their mission to “explore the invisible forces that shape human behavior” which can include anything from emotion to automatic assumptions. You’ll definitely find yourself getting sucked into this one and spouting all your new knowledge at your next dinner party! Some of our favorite episodes are “The Problem with the Solution” and “Outside In.”

Do you have a favorite podcast that inspires you to learn more and do more every day? If so, leave us a comment and let us know! For more recommendations, check out our post Top 10 Books to read in 2017.

August 11, 2017 — Shannon

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