Superfoods are nutrient-rich food that are considered highly beneficial to your health. I love that these are “multi-tasker” type foods, meaning that they are not only filled with disease-fighting nutrients, but they also taste good, and are low in calories. How’s that for a win-win? These are my absolutely favorite superfoods that I integrate into my diet daily. These foods help boost my energy level, help me fight off the latest virus going around, and make me feel confident in my body.

8 Super Foods


  1. Kale // On busier mornings when I’m running out the door I usually whip up a green smoothie made with kale. Eating kale helps regulate your digestive system as it’s packed with fiber. It also delivers vitamins that help maintain a healthy nervous and immune system!
  2. Brown Rice// Brown rice is a much heartier alternative to white rice. Brown rice is high in fiber, helps boost your metabolism, and helps burn fat.
  3. Chia Seeds// Chia seeds are packed with omega 3 fatty acids, calcium, and fiber. I love to add a few teaspoons of chia seeds to any salad, smoothie, or stir fry.
  4. Oats// I love putting oats in my fruity smoothies to give it a thicker texture or I like eating oatmeal for breakfast or for a midmorning snack. Oats are rich in fiber so I feel fuller for longer.
  5. Cinnamon// Cinnamon isn’t just for spicing up your pumpkin pie. I recently found out that it has huge health benefits, from helping treat diabetes to fighting inflammation, and killing bacteria.
  6. Almonds// Almonds are a great snack I can always store in my purse. I combat the munchies with nuts instead of crackers because nuts help shed pounds instead of packing them on.
  7. Avocados// Avocado is a healthy fat that combats hunger and is also packed with fiber and protein. I love topping off my sourdough toast with an avocado spread.
  8. Blueberries// One of my favorite fruits. Luckily for me blueberries are not only tasty, but they are also known for anti-aging effects! Who doesn’t looking 10 years younger?

For some more tips on building healthier habits, check out this post. What are some of your favorite everyday superfoods?



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