Pattern mixing: it’s usually one of those things you see on other people and absolutely love, but when it comes times to do it on your own, you panic. How are you supposed to know which pattern, color, or style goes with what, or if other people are going to think you’re crazy? Never fear, though, because I have seven pattern mixing rules to keep you on the right track.

Whether you want to go bold or stay a little more neutral, pattern mixing doesn’t have to be scary! Even if you don’t consider yourself super style-savvy, there are easy ways to make sure your patterns go well together. Soon enough you’ll be on your way to creating the outfit – or swimsuit – of your dreams!

7 Pattern Mixing Rules

1. Use complementary colors or colors from the same color family.
If you take a look at a color wheel, you’ll see sections of color families. Patterns within the same color family go together, so if you have patterns with a variety of pinks and reds, they’ll make a great pair.

7 pattern mixing rules - these are so useful!

Colors from the family directly across from that group of colors – also known as the complementary colors – also work together.

7 pattern mixing rules - these are so useful!

2. Use the law of attraction.
If you have two graphic prints, they almost always go together, and the same thing for two watercolor prints or two abstract prints. Just make sure you’re following the color guideline from rule 1.

7 pattern mixing rules - these are so useful!

3. Choose patterns that complement each other.
In the pattern world, stripes are considered a neutral – they go with anything and everything. So whether you have florals, polka dots, or plaid, you can feel confident pairing them with your favorite stripe.

7 pattern mixing rules - these are so useful!

4. Try out inverse color patterns.
If you have one print that’s a white on a black background and another that’s a black print on a white background, these two patterns will pair up nicely. The same thing goes for any other colors that might be inverted (not just black and white).

7 pattern mixing rules - these are so useful!

5. Team up the same base colors.
You might have two patterns that are mostly the same color – those will work! The other colors don’t have to match up perfectly, but if you have the same base color, it will be a perfect pair.

7 pattern mixing rules - these are so useful!

6. Match at least one color.
Even if your two patterns aren’t mostly the same color, try matching up at least one color in both patterns. If you’re still using either rule 2 or 3, and there’s some type of color marriage, you’re golden.

7 pattern mixing rules - these are so useful!

7 pattern mixing rules - these are so useful!

7. Be adventurous!
Rules are meant to be broken – that’s what they say, right? Pattern mixing is all about having fun with fashion, so don’t feel like you always need to play it safe. There are so many different patterns, colors, and ideas out there, so if something inspires you, go for it!

7 pattern mixing rules - these are so useful!

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