I think as mamas, we all get a little stir-crazy when winter starts to wind down. Of course, there have been the snowball fights and the ski-days and the museum trips, but for the most part, we’ve spent most of the winter inside with the kids and it would start to wear on even the best moms.

Luckily, though, spring and summer are on their way so you only have to hold on a little bit longer! We found these seven indoor activities to keep the kids entertained and thought we would share them on our blog to give you lots of ideas all in one place.

1. “Smashing balls”
These are, in essence, cotton balls covered in flour and baked until they have a crisp outer shell. Kids can smash these to their hearts’ content and they don’t make a mess. Here’s the link to the full smashing balls tutorial.


Ice skating for toys: one of 7 indoor-activities for kids

2. Ice skating for toys
If you have an imaginative little one, this is a perfect activity for an afternoon. Just freeze water into a tray and encourage him or her to take toys ice-skating! Full ice skating for toys tutorial here.


Water marbles: one of 7 indoor-activities for kids

3. Water marbles
Water marbles are little clear balls that expand when placed into water. But in addition to that, they also become invisible when placed in water and are jelly-like to the touch. It’s a phenomenon that will boggle the minds of the kids. The complete water marble explanation can be found here.


4. Fireworks in a jar
You only need three simple ingredients for this fun little DIY: water, oil, and food coloring (and a jar, of course). Your minis will be entranced by the colors cascading through the water and this is one they can do again and again. Check out the entire fireworks in a jar tutorial.


Bubble wrap painting: one of 7 indoor-activities for kids

5. Bubble wrap stomp painting
Bubble wrap + paint + little feet is a match made in heaven. Grab a roll of paper and some washable paint (we hope you won’t get messy footprints all over your house, but you can never be too safe!) and let those creative minds go wild! Wrap little feet carefully, you could even try this with hands too!


Sugar drawings: one of 7 indoor-activities for kids

6. Sugar writing tray
Looking for a game that will help your child have fun and learn at the same time? This DIY sugar writing tray is perfect for the cause. Just fill a tray with sugar and arm him or her with a pencil and some shapes or letters to copy. More info and pictures on this one can be found here.


7. Straw Javelin Throw
Do you have a little one who’s dying to compete? Join in this fun game known as the straw javelin throw and see which one of you can rack up more points! If you’re feeling extra crafty, you could try putting together a whole day of at-home Olympics. Here’s the link to the full straw javelin throw tutorial.

Hopefully these activities help you make it through to warmer weather! But while you’re dreaming of summer, make sure you check out our new line of swimsuits and stock up so you’re ready for pool days, splash pads, and beach trips!


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