As a child, you learn the importance of being kind to others, so why is it so hard to be kind to yourself? We want to kick off this new year with a few tips on how to nurture the most important relationship you’ll ever have: the one you have with yourself!

Be your own best friend
You often hear that you are your own worst critic but why be that when you can be your own best friend instead? After all, you know yourself better than anyone. Try telling yourself you look good today. Let yourself know when you’re doing a great job. Buy yourself flowers when you’re feeling down. Take yourself on that vacation you’ve been dreaming of for a while.  Don’t forget your friendship with yourself takes effort, just like you any other relationship in your life.

Learn when to say no
No is a word often confused with negativity, but sometimes saying “no” can be one of the most positive changes you can make for your life. Overcommitment is one of the most common sources of stress, so it’s important to know when you’ve reached your limit–and remember, that limit looks different for everyone! The new year is the perfect time to reassess your priorities and obligations, and then let that help you decide what you’re willing and able to take on.

Forgive yourself and move on
A frustrating, yet inevitable part of being human is that you’re bound to make mistakes–and that’s okay! What isn’t okay is when we let those past failures affect our ability to take care of ourselves and move forward. So starting today, forgive yourself. Maybe you botched a presentation at work last week, or maybe your joke fell flat at a party three years ago and you’re still embarrassed about it; no matter how big or inconsequential it was–make the conscious decision now to leave it in the past and allow yourself the compassion to move on.

Move your body
Your mind and your body are intimately connected, so the way you move your body can affect the way you think and feel. Studies have shown that even little increases in daily movement can reduce anxiety and increase overall health and wellbeing. We’re not saying you have to join and gym or run a marathon if that’s not your thing, but take some time every day to get your body moving–even if it’s just a walk around your neighborhood or a 15-minute solo dance party in your living room.

Practice self-acceptance every step of the way
Making New Years Resolutions can be helpful for a lot of people, but a common pitfall of goal-setting is the idea that happiness and contentment can only be attained once those goals are met. That’s just not true! Choose instead to love and accept yourself wherever you’re at in your journey.


January 03, 2019 — Shannon

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