As Fall is fast approaching, we’re having a hard time saying goodbye to Summer! While I love the Fall months, Summer is something that can’t be replaced. But it can be imitated! Kind of. Here are a few ways to keep Summer around during the colder weather.

1. Wear white after Labor Day. This ‘rule’ is meant to be broken! One of my favorite combinations (if you can call it that) is white on white. So go buy some white pants and wear them all you want.

2. Get a spray tan. I will never promote tanning beds because none of us want skin cancer, right? But there’s something about that bronze glow that comes with summer. Go to a professional salon for a spray tan (not the machine spray tans because they come out orange sometimes). They are fairly inexpensive, and they look amazing.

3. Have indoor BBQ’s. Use summer dishes and decorations. It’ll be fun, I swear.

4. Keep exercising. There are so many people who exercise in the summer months to get a great swimsuit body, but stop exercising in the fall. I get it. Over-sized sweaters come out in the fall and you’re no longer worried about walking around in your swimsuit. But guess what? It’s warm in the gym, and sometimes it feels like summer in there.

5. Change your phone background to a picture of a beach. Simple, but effective.

Do you have any secrets of how to keep Summer around? Please share!

Posted by: Bre

September 13, 2013 — Bre

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